Pieces of Tangier

Directed by Jenny Roberts

Pieces of Tangier

A Documentary about the community of  Tangier Island, VA.

Pieces of Tangier explores Tangier Island, Virginia, a remote waterman's community founded in the 1600's. The 450 people living there are fighting to preserve their way of life against the triple threat of government regulations, population decline and erosion before it sinks into the sea. 



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             Donate to the Save Tangier Island Seawall Fund           

Tangier Island is seeking federal approval for a series of breakwaters to protect the western and northern end of Uppards, 
 a small eroding barrier island that protects Tangier from the north.   Your contribution will be for Tangier's local share of the $9 million dollar project that would be due upon approval. Town officials are continually working diligently to make this project a reality as it is competing with other proposed projects nationwide.  The Town of Tangier have a separate account set aside specifically for funding this project.  Please see mailing information if you'd like to send a donation of any amount to aid in the protection of  this very beautiful, innately unique, and historically rich four-hunded year old community.
            Send Donations to:
               The Town of Tangier
               Attn: Renee Tyler
               4301 Joshua Thomas Lane
               Tangier, Virginia 23440
           Make Checks out to:
               The Town of Tangier
               Memo Line:
               Seawall Fund 

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About the Director:
Jenny Roberts is a documentary filmmaker from Pocomoke, MD who received a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Ohio University’s School of Film in 2013 with Pieces of Tangier as her thesis project. She chose to center her thesis on Tangier Island after a happenstance conversation with an island native who explained the serious erosion that her island home was facing. Despite Tangier’s close proximity to Pocomoke, she was unaware of this community’s struggle and found it problematic that she knew little about it. Since learning of the threat to this inimitable place, she has made it a goal to increase awareness so that others in the region and the country can become involved in the preservation of Tangier. The film has been screened in Maryland, Delaware, and Virignia and is available for sale on DVD.

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